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I’d probably say a lot of people, even within the guitar community, think of the electric guitar as the most difficult instrument because, while it’s a very powerful instrument, you have to play it so fast, you don’t see the sound coming out. And I think, for someone new to it, it takes a lot to understand why that sounds a certain way and I think that can be very hard to learn. So I guess the hardest instrument to learn is probably the bass guitar – it’s the second easiest after your fingers.” – Davey Havok

“As a teenager, I played with so many different bands and people, I think the hardest thing is for people to really understand how you can play their instruments. And then they learn how it works, and they start playing it at a very fast pace and they just don’t understand that you can make it work, so it can be very confusing.
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On one hand, I think it’s interesting because there’s so much music out there, and you can have this experience where you get all your friends together and play music together. You can have that sort of thing where you can just jam up together and you get along. Or you play live in a big studio and everyone jumps in – or sometimes it doesn’t matter if you’re playing or not. But you can have that, because you’re not trying to be perfect, but you want to learn so you can play this musical genre that you’re passionate about on your own. And that’s where it comes up against music with an actual vocal, because it’s more vocal. I mean, yeah, it’s like how good it can be, especially for the first few times, but, I’m not saying that it’s an easy thing to learn or not.” John Paul Jones (in a 2013 interview for

“You have to know your instruments and try to get a feel for it, and then move onto the next one. It’s like when you’re playing a certain song, and you see someone like that – for example, the late John McLaughlin who played that guitar and I guess he was one of the most innovative guitarists we’ve ever had, and it’s a song about the importance of keeping things together in the family – he wrote that song on a guitar and I think when you’re a member of a band and someone else just had a guitar and wrote that same song the way he did, there’s a lot of potential there…” –

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