What is the hardest instrument to learn? – Learn Guitar For Beginners Lesson 1

The hardest instrument I’ve ever learnt is the marimba. You just get hooked and it takes your whole life.

How do you like your bass playing, is it tight or loose?

I like to use my fingers or a stick, like with the marimba. I like to have it in my hand on a string but I really like the sound of it in the lap. I like the sound of it in my hand and it reminds me that I am alive, living in his world.

What does your dad say about your playing style?

My dad says that a guitar player needs to think about melody and rhythm and not just play over melody. A bass player, like me, needs to think hard about rhythm and melody and not just be rhythm, or what sounds good to use on the bass.

So what bass music do you listen to?

When I am playing, I listen to country, classical, new jazz, rock and some stuff that I like off the internet.

Do you prefer to learn through instrumental or acoustic instruments?

I prefer to learn by playing the instrument and not being asked to learn by listening to it.

So if you don’t have a teacher, what should you spend your time studying?

I’m really good at being able to memorize music so just keep listening and being able to play it.

What would it take to make music your life?

I’m a person who is ready for anything. I think if you have the confidence – even if it’s like learning something new – that’s what makes the change worth it. I do believe in that kind of change for me and a lot of people around me.

Do you find it hard balancing all your hobbies with playing the bass?

To be honest, I’ve never had more than three things to do and I’ve always had my life to keep me busy – so it’s pretty amazing.

Do people have ever asked you to “come out” in front of the crowd because of your bass playing?

I haven’t been that open, but I’ve always had that dream about being in front of the audience and playing a tune as a crowd, and when I look back now how lucky am I – I couldn’t have done it, there it was and now I’ve been in front of that crowd.

What lessons would you give to a young bass player looking to change their life?

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