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In my opinion, all the basic techniques should be taught in the same order to give the brain a good idea on how to use each part. So you don’t need to memorize specific sequences of chords. You can listen to the complete track of a song to get your sound to go over the chord changes. Even if you only play in some parts of the track, your head will know what you are doing all the time.

Learn the chord changes in the order in which you want to teach them.

Most often, you are teaching chords in a standard way.

For example, to play the major 7th and C, you first learn the major 7th and then you learn the rest with just the root and 7th.

Most of the time you want to add some notes to the main chord.

C, E, G, and D are the most common examples of that.

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Another major chord is the minor 3rd and 4th (Dm7) and the minor 5th (Dm9).

Here are the most fundamental shapes that I recommend you to start learning.

I am only showing the root positions for each, they are always shown in both versions.

Cmaj7 Dm7 F#maj7 G#maj7 Dm7 F#m7 Amaj7 G#maj7 Dm7 F#m7 Dminaj7 Ebmaj7 G#maj7 Eb7 Cm7 F#m7 A7 E7 B7 Ab7 F#maj7 B7 Cmaj7 F#m7

These are the basic shapes that every guitarist should know.

They represent the fundamental chord shapes found in rock and jazz.

I do not like to use the root position on the chord, you should just learn the chords that you know.

Cmaj7 is the most common for the major chord

I love how the C sound sounds in the key of Cmaj7.

These same root positions will work in all keys except the diminished key.

G chord


I love this sound for the C major chord



Db7 #9






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