What should I learn first on guitar? – Guitar Tutorial Easy Chords

The first thing you should teach on guitar in guitar classes is chord patterns. That’s where the majority of guitar material is based. If I were trying to create a beginner’s guitar course, I’d probably start with chord patterns first, and work my way up to more advanced content.

What is the best guitar chord progression?

The most common chord progression on the guitar is the Ionian mode. What does that mean? First of all, when you play an Ionian mode chord, you’re basically playing a maj3 chord. And the only reason you should play an Ionian mode chord is to avoid playing a dominant chord.

But let me clarify. The Ionian mode isn’t a blues scale. It’s not a major scale. It’s a minor scale. The major scale doesn’t cover a whole lot of the chords on the guitar.

In fact, almost all chords on the guitar (except the IV and V chords in G minor) were formed by playing a major or dominant chord in Ionian mode.

Learn the Ionian mode chord progression. Then learn a ii V I progression.

Which scales are the most difficult to learn?

I would say the scales with the least amount of open string motion (or most open string motion) are most interesting to learn.

And the scales with most open string motion (or most open string motion) have the most easy to play progressions.

Because in each progression, you need to be able to slide your notes over any open string position. Which is easy to do on the fretboard, because you don’t have to hold the fretboard on one string the entire time. In general, scales with most open string motion have the biggest open string motion, which is why we play most of our finger patterns on strings that are mostly open.

It’s important to note that these scales are not the only ones you should be learning on the guitar.
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When you play the Ionian mode chord progressions, use the following technique for rhythm.

Learn the Ionian mode chord progression rhythmically.

Once you do that, you’ll start to understand some guitar melody patterns, especially in the minor scale. Learn these patterns for free in this lesson.

How do I stay motivated in learning on the guitar?

The first thing you need to do is be motivated. The only way you are going to stay motivated is by being able to listen to music.

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