What should I learn first on guitar? – How To Learn Guitar Fast

There are four basic skills that you need to develop before you can ever get good at any song.

1. Practice scales

Your first step in learning guitar is learning scales. We’ll start with the easiest shapes and then work our way through the ones that are easier. You can do this by working up either a scale up or a scale down. For example, if you were looking at the scales of the songs on this list, I would start with the scale and work your way down until I know the whole thing.

As soon as you’re certain you’ve learned the scales, practice the chords and the lines that go with them. This helps you remember the chords and will keep you from forgetting them when you’re learning the other three things above.

2. Practice melody and soloing

Now that you’ve gotten familiar with the scales, learn to play the melody and solo the notes as well as the rhythms of each chord. For my students, it takes maybe a few weeks before we’re comfortable with these two things. To better master the soloing and melody, I tell them to take time in between the two exercises to practice scales, chords and solos as much as possible. Once you’ve gotten comfortable with the scales, work up a groove with each of these three things. For example, say you were learning scales and melody and you just needed a few chords or sounds to move a couple notes, you could work those up in a small rhythm and soloing part. This will keep you from ever getting bad at doing one of these things. It would also make it much harder to memorize the songs on the list.

3. Learn the chord progressions

Next is the part we usually worry more about. You have a basic starting chord progression and a minor seventh chord for the first 4 bars. You know what each chord is from there. The first time you play these chords, play the whole thing over the chord progression, with all the variations and voicings in between each chord. This will really get your ear familiar with the progression.

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The major 7th chord would be the first four notes of C major. If I were to teach my students these chords and they didn’t know that, that would be a huge mistake. By playing them this way, we’ve gotten in their ear the whole progression before they’ve learned the chords.

4. Learn the minor 7th chords

The next progression has 2 notes, 6ths and 9

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