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Well, here’s a few ideas. Try to play through the following sections in order, but not too quickly or too aggressively. I know lots of people think they should play fast or aggressive, but I like the more subtle and subtle approach. Remember, that if you pick too fast or too intensely, you will learn more about the chords than you will about the fretboard itself. But don’t get too intense. Start slowly. Keep practicing. As a rule, once you can play through the four chord sections on a good guitar, go for it. It will give you a lot more practice, especially as guitarists are very busy. As I mentioned earlier, it helps if the chords are fairly easy to play too (the Fm7 chords here are easy). You don’t have to memorize them in order; try to play from memory and slowly build on the chords you’re learning. But don’t rush this part and you will be far better off playing through. Once you can pick through all the chords, you’re probably ready to practice the bass chord section. Let’s dive right in, shall we? So, let’s see how some chords work. The Fm7 chords: C, E, G, Bb. These chords all have the same note D to their names. Notice how these chords are in the key of C major. The other three chords have the same note with the third note being Db. Notice they all play on the same beat, but in different keys. The A is at second fret, Fb at first, and Gb is at third. So, all three chord progressions work pretty much the same way. (Although in A minor, the Db is at the third fret, and the A and C play on the same beat; therefore, the chord progression should be Db7 and Gb7.) To play through each chord, you take a little time to get to know the notes in the key of you are currently in. For example, if you are playing major the way we’re going, and you’re listening to the G-C chord you just learned, you might hear some of the notes at first in your ear. So take your time, go through the chord on its own, and then try to pick up the chords that you know on the fretboard. The other way to learn chords is to look at the scale, or “soloing”, as we call it, to help you develop your ear. This can come from studying scales

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