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Quick Walkthrough [ edit ]

Unlocking the Dragonborn Perk is fairly simple:

Complete The Burdened.

Learn about the origins of the Dragon Shouts.

Complete the story of Dragonborn.

Get the Dragon Shouts.

Return to Veyne.

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Detailed Walkthrough [ edit ]

The Burdened [ edit ]

Once you have completed The Burdened, talk to Veyne, the owner of the inn in Whiterun. You can tell her you have found the lost Dragon Shouts, and she will show you a location where you must do so, which will become visible. Alternatively, pickpocket the book ‘Dawn of Dragonsong’ from the table, which is lying on a bookshelf in the entrance hall of the inn. Another way is to use console commands.

Learn About the Origins [ edit ]

To learn of the Dragon Shouts, talk to Veyne, and she mentions the dragon’s name. She also mentions the importance of the books being kept at a temple in Solitude. She says that it was a young man named Ralof who helped found the temple, and that his son, Jarl Ulfric, has been called to return the books and his father. It is implied that her grandfather has a connection to this temple in order for you get the Dragon Shouts. Talk to Ulfric, and he will say that he came to Nordland because he had been asked by his father and asked what he would give his son if he ever reached Solitude, and that he wanted to see that his son would be taught the ways of the dragon. His grandfather had left his books here for his son’s study. Then, on his death, he left the final book before Ulfric reached Skyrim. Ralof had found a piece and gave his last moments to the Temple of the Ages and passed away.

Return to Veyne.

Complete the Story [ edit ]

Travel to the shrine to the Ages (north of Whiterun, west from where you found the book in the inn), and talk to the Temple of the Ages. After speaking with the priest and talking with the scholar upstairs, the quest will be told to you.

The Burdened

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