What’s the easiest guitar to play? – Some Guitar Basics

Well I guess if you’ve got good technique and you can do a nice line then you can do a couple of guitar parts in a way you’ve never done before or anything like that. Maybe it sounds like a lot of things if you’re not experienced. And if you’re experienced then it sounds even more complicated. But I guess the hardest thing is the solo.

What’s the hardest part to solo?

The hardest thing to solo is getting an outline down. You have to have an outline down so that you can go into the chords and be able to change as well as that. So getting the outline down just to be able to play those chords and actually be able to play them on stage and make it sound good. I used that as a kind of a motivator that I’d work on just to get the outline down and have it work, and then it just became more and more difficult as the years went along.

How do you get the solo down?

Well I don’t mean any of that other than when I was practicing it I’d always try and figure out that chord structure. If I couldn’t get it down, I’d usually look it up in a website and try getting it down. I’ll try to see if I can find it in the book, or even look up on YouTube.

You know, I think my technique went from being a guy with a hammer and chisel and a pretty limited knowledge of different guitar parts, I would just try and work my ass off, and now I’m an author and I’ve written four or five books and so on, the knowledge has gotten bigger and bigger, as I started to be in school and learned more and more about guitar and everything.

You know this is kind of interesting because my parents were not guitar players, or in fact my parents don’t seem to play guitar to this day. I mean I always played with my brothers, but my parents were too young. They were too busy, my dad was a real carpenter and they would have nothing to do with anything that you know, the other kind of thing, but my mom is a really great guitar player and a great singer. She was my singer as a child. I mean she has some amazing singing voice — I think she recorded a live album called I Don’t Believe I’m Getting Older [2006] with the Beatles.

Yeah, but did she not have any guitar playing skill as a child?

Well she

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