What’s the easiest guitar to play?

If you play a traditional or modern guitar you probably know the answer. Guitar is a great way to develop your guitar technique. However, there are many “easiest” styles of playing that just use your fingers to work out the sounds.

One example of the easiest style can be found on a modern rhythm guitar. In a rhythm guitar, you are typically singing along or playing solos.

The easiest way to play a rhythm guitar is to play the melody, then stop at the end of the lick, then sing the verses. The easiest style of guitar to play is one called blues. This is also the style most commonly heard in the music video game, Final Fantasy X. You find lots of examples of this on youtube.

Other examples of easy guitar styles can be found on guitar solo videos or on guitar chord solos. For example, on a guitar chord solo, play all the chords once and then sing along to the end of each chord with one note at a time. You would sing out the first few notes as it plays and stop to sing when you are done.

Why are there so many easy guitar styles?

There are a lot of reasons why so many ways of playing can be the easiest.

The first reason is that you develop quick and deep patterns when playing. Every time you play a note, you will automatically learn a bunch of other notes (or a finger position). You don’t have to think about what you are doing and how to play or sing the note.

You are able to play a series of notes in a very short time that is very useful in practicing.

Many guitarists will often play “simple” licks over and over again on guitar. The notes are usually simple or they are very long and hard to play (like a blues scale).

Another big reason is because it is easier to learn how to play a chord (like a V chord) than to find a note like a C chord in the music at large.

Another example of guitar styles that have been easier to play and learn is from the blues music. If you start playing chords with the rhythm in the tune, you are already playing more chords in the tune because the rhythm is already in the tune.

If you take “A1” and “C1” and start doing a blues lick over and over without knowing any chords, you are going to be losing a lot of that progress. You are basically starting from scratch and