Which is the best guitar under 5000? – Was It Easier For You To Learn Guitar Or Bass

I have one that costs about 25,000. Do you think that kind of price is right for a great guitar?


Hi Dan, I personally find it very hard to make a guitar a bit more affordable, mainly because of the complexity involved in making one, but the fact that it is such an interesting instrument.

When you make and model a guitar, do you have a concept of what “value” ought to be? Or what you feel are “the minimum” prices to obtain a good quality instrument?


Hi Y, when doing a model for a new project at my design studio, I try to find the most affordable, as opposed to any value you might be looking for. If I find something that fits my budget and it is well priced, I use that as the basis for the model.

Hi David, do you recommend getting your sound out of the amp using your signal processor in the audio-only mode while you work? There’s not much gain at that time, and getting some sound out is just as important as getting it out. If you have the amp pre-wired (i.e. not mixed with your computer) when working in audio-only, can you go back to the amp to record the sounds you were working on in audio-only? Thanks.


Hi David, I’m very comfortable mixing it out with a DAW once I’m sure I have everything plugged in, and I’d say that’s the most optimal way to mix it, depending on the type of sound you’re after.

Hi Dan, my question is related to the fact that the Fender Stratocaster has two output jacks instead of one. I have a Fender Stratocaster in mahogany, and to put my sound through a mini-jack, I need the input volume to be 1.5dB, plus an internal volume control to adjust that, but I hear no signal being “recorded” and that sound is definitely not there; it just comes back. Can you advise me about that situation?


Hi D, I’m not sure if this is a good answer, but I found that there is some additional information you can find on this website about “recording” a signal. My general advice is to listen at very low volume and then try to raise output volume.

Hi Dan, my question relates to what level of gain/gain trim is needed when

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