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Kazutaka Kawamori

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“It will be as close to an actual game as you will see on any TV screen,” said producer Jodie Yeung, who helmed the “Game of Thrones” franchise.
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This fall, HBO will finally unveil the most intense action show of the post-The Sopranos era.

Though it’s unclear just how good it will be, the network has promised viewers a “blood and gore” experience unlike any seen on television before.

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“It will be as close to an actual game like you will see on any TV screen, the kind of experience that makes you put the controller down and have that conversation with your family or spouse, friends or kids, and say, ‘There is no other way than this to this,'” said creator Iain Glen. “It takes your eyes away from the TV screen and into a world of violence and terror, where you have to put away your controller and say, ‘Oh my God, what’s going on?'”

He and his team had to put together a “massive” cast, so the series would still feel as cinematic as its predecessors, even though it’s set in the real world. “You had to cast actors that are physically and emotionally, emotionally and mentally, on top of their other roles, so it was huge,” Glen said.

STORY: ‘The Game of Thrones’ Cast on the New Season

Glen had also to consider how much of an impact he and his fellow showrunners could have on the show from the scripts themselves.

“Every season, the writers will come up with a new storyline,” he said. “They don’t care about the show. They don’t care about the characters. But you have to be prepared. And you have to know how far you can take an experiment if you know you’re

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