Who is the best YouTube guitar teacher?

“It’s all personal preference. I’m always learning. To be honest, there are a lot of great teachers out there that just work hard and put in the time, but I like to try and get the best one. I’ve really tried to get some stuff through to teach some of these guys. Sometimes you get so much out of people just from learning from them, and I think that’s the thing I’m getting from most of them: some of them just really love me.”

What is the most valuable lesson you have ever learned?

“The most valuable thing I’ve ever learned: I think you should do everything differently. When you put the guitar down, try to play something else for an hour, three hours, ten minutes, whatever. That’s always the way you’ll learn. Try to do the thing that you enjoy more than the guitar. That’s always the next thing you learn.”

How many different guitar lessons do you take?

“I’ve almost always had the guitar at home at least once a week [at home], and I can’t count how many times I’ve taken guitar lessons. I really have to be very careful with it because the longer you let it sit, like it gets in the way of other things in your life, and the way you’re playing, the more you’re going to get into it.”

Are you an active learner?

“I’m very flexible. I like to get stuff done. I like to get good at something at least a little bit. I don’t take guitar lessons regularly, but I think I do a little every time I go out to get a sandwich or something, and I feel very comfortable that way I’m playing.”

Can you recommend some guitar teachers?

“I have a lot of other things to do. I teach classes at my restaurant, and when I was out promoting my restaurant a few weeks ago, I gave these classes on guitar, which is just a fun way for us to meet and meet other people who love music — and it’s not expensive at all. So it’s a fun way for everyone to do it.”

How do you feel about getting a few free classes for your restaurant?

“Actually, I haven’t given a single class yet. If they want free classes, it may be worthwhile — it might get people more interested in the restaurant so they can learn from me. We’d be so happy with them, but it isn