Can 4 year old learn piano?

Most children are good listeners so they can learn the piano in 4 weeks or so. For most of them, that’s it. After that stage, the kids spend the rest of their time simply being with you. If you haven’t noticed this before, that is a good thing. It helps build lifelong relationships between you and your child!

We want a child who lives in our house and doesn’t have to move every time there is an interview/visit/party. This will have a positive impact on your child’s life at the same time it may be tough on you.

How do you encourage your child to spend more time outdoors?

When your child is young, you want your child to follow the rules. You want them to learn to obey your commands. There are lots of ways to show to your own kids how to be safe, respectful, and helpful – not necessarily the same ways that your own rules are followed! But as you get older, you’ll know better. For instance, how do you tell the children that it is OK if you do something wrong for them? You tell them this all the time and it becomes part of the culture. For example, your house is so nice that you don’t have to clean much or you know your neighbors will be grateful to help you!
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What do you do for family gatherings?

Some couples who have lived together for years are not in a hurry to get married. It would be nice if one person would help you get set up and make sure you are ready. We make a big effort to make sure all parties are ready in advance and we bring our guests. For your own parties it is more complicated as you want to make sure everyone is able to enjoy your guests on their own and be able to bring their own food. This is especially important to have during the holidays as you want guests to be able to cook and eat for themselves while you entertain!

How do you treat your children from the time they have their first walk?

You don’t expect your children to be walking all the time. It is normal for children from older families to have shorter or longer walks. These walks sometimes include a car ride to visit someone or even to visit a friend’s school (which can become a fun social activity for the children!).

You want your children to have fun too. When children arrive home from school from a walk, their day is often full of excitement, new experiences and new sights. They are