Can 4 year old learn piano?

The answer to this question is still unknown. The best guess is that it can be easier learning and retaining, though this depends upon the circumstances.

4. Who is the best piano tutor?

This one is a bit more complicated, especially if you think of piano lessons as therapy, rather than a teaching activity. In this day and age, with the internet and many other ways of communication, being able to connect with your parents or a mentor to help you in the learning process is more than ever. This is especially true when you are a 4 year old, who also has his/her own private piano (even if it isn’t on the piano).

If you are at all unsure on which school to enroll your child in, this is a decision that is best left to your grandparents/parents and a piano teacher.

The thing is that, if you are only a piano enthusiast and not concerned about your child’s overall health and development, you should be fine, as long as you follow the school’s policy of only teaching piano to older children.

5. What is the right teaching method for piano lessons?

This one is a bit more complicated, because it is a matter of finding the right type of child. If you are a very strong music enthusiast, you can probably use anything other than playing on a piano.

If you have a son or daughter who loves music, but doesn’t have a natural talent, I would still say that you need to keep it simple. That said, you should always aim to keep it music focused.

It also comes down to the music education in your school. Personally, I always think of music education as a learning activity, so I would rather spend hours of daily practice (playing piano) and hours of learning something else (classroom), rather than focusing on playing piano.

I would say there are pros and cons to each approach.

Now here is a little secret about your choice,

Which approach do you prefer and why?

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