Can adults learn piano?

Learning piano takes a good deal of practice. To play good, you must be interested in the instrument. And because of the nature of music, you may be able to play a few different skills to make a name for yourself before you grow bored with the piano.

Do I need to be older?

Yes, if you are a teenager. Otherwise, your music will be as good and as varied as it needs to be.

Is there a minimum age for entering pianos?

There is no minimum age for entry into any type of music, which will be determined by the age level of the student. So if you are 15, you have your place in any piano-playing group. If you are 12 or older, you need to be allowed extra time to practice.

If there is one type of music, the minimum required age is 16.

How do we decide which type of music to permit?

Most groups choose a variety of styles so that a beginner can enjoy some playing in various styles at the same time. To make your search simple, the piano clubs in our area make a list of the styles available in their area and work with the clubs to make the list available to you or to be added to later.

Is there any age difference when pianists are admitted into a dance group or a band?

No. All groups require a minimum of one player under 19 years old to be admitted, while all dance groups require a minimum of two players under 19 years old to be admitted.

If a student does choose to play, does he have to work very hard?

No. All students must do exactly the same things to learn how to play the piano.

Do they always give a break?

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No, some groups offer a break from all playing activities. And some groups, like the Jazz Orchestra, have several breaks each semester.

What’s the etiquette for visiting the studio?

You should be friendly throughout the trip. However, you may be required to bring a friend. We recommend that you visit other jazz clubs near you to meet other groups who may also be seeking to host a pianist on a piano trip near you.

If you are not playing on a piano, why not come with a friend and have a great time?

What happens if I fall and break my leg or hurt myself?

If you do break your leg, get to the nearest hospital before a doctor