Can I learn piano and guitar at the same time? – Can Adults Learn Piano Well

You can! The piano in the “Awards” category may not be your cup of tea, but you are free to continue playing and improving your skills, so long as you follow the rules.

Does my piano have a “practice mode,” a key-on feature that lets you just play the notes for practice?

Unfortunately not. When you buy a $150 piano, it was designed with the ability to play an unlimited number of chords and modes while being controlled by the piano’s three foot control knob. This is a very handy way to learn to play the piano, but we do not design our instruments for practicing. Our goal is to make sure that your purchase of a new piano means you’ll enjoy playing music for many years to come. So, as a minimum, we do not offer an unlimited number of keys of any musical scale.

There are no exceptions. You can’t have an orchestra or a choir of your own. (Although some of our pianos may come with “organ” (or electric guitar) keyboards as part of the package.)

Can I take it to a friend’s house or put it into a concert hall, for example?

Unless your local law enforcement has their own, their police department won’t be able to take your piano to a show, concert, gymnasium, etc. Our only real exception is when you are playing at your friends’ houses. In this case, you are welcome to “park” your piano at your friend’s house so long as you comply with local code and restrictions. Please do take your keys with you, though.

Can I keep it after I get out of kindergarten?

No! After you’re out of the preschool year (for preschoolers, high schoolers, and tweens), our piano is returned to you for safekeeping until you’re ready to keep using it after you’re 21. It is also completely locked up for the first year and thereafter for the rest of your life.

Is it possible for me to get the same quality instrument for 20 years?

No. Your piano will not last as long and not be as beautiful if you take it to someone else or do it “on the cheap.” If you’re thinking about renting out your used piano, please contact us immediately and they will give you a quote. We’re in the business of making great pianos and so we cannot do that.

Can I play on mine before it gets recycled?

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