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YES. It’s the one thing in his life he’s good at and a way that his family can live independently.

Will he be on our team?

If everything goes according to plan, yes.

Did you feel he really wanted to be on the team?

Yes. He was a really hard worker and he wanted to be really good. He worked so hard, he was getting really good. He wanted to do something, to show that he’s good. So I told him, ‘You can be on this team, you can do anything. Everybody loves you.’

Why go to Germany first?

He didn’t want to go. We all said, ‘OK, he didn’t want to go. That’s not what we’re about.’ We’re going to bring this kid to Sweden. He loves Sweden and he wants to go back there in the summer. He’s gonna come to Sweden and he didn’t want to go. I went to Germany to get him to make a decision.

His older brother, who is already playing for Ajax, also told the media that he’s happy to be playing in Germany because of what Tobi and Muye will bring to the team.

Do you think it’s more important for the younger players if they have a place to grow in football?

YES. It’s the same for the first team now because everyone has grown up as professionals. Maybe they have their place in the world, maybe it’s not their place. You can say what you want with it, but we all have our place in the world and our place in the locker room.

I think the way it’s going now the only way is if you want to leave and go somewhere else, and that’s fine, he’s fine.

The first time you heard “The Clash,” you might think it a bit of a mouthful. Or maybe you knew it by heart, but couldn’t quite place it. Nowadays, The Clash still has its fans, who still sing along to the opening notes to “Revolution No. 1 (In C or Not C),” and the group’s legacy is as well-deserved as ever in the pop musical space. The group’s new album, Clash in the UK, is out March 5 through EMI.

The album is just the first step in what will surely be decades of success by the English power-metal quintet. But the band’s previous two albums,

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