Can I learn piano at 30? – Learn Piano Notes Game

Yes! There are many great lessons and the school’s teaching system is so much fun. We’ve taught countless music lovers that simply learning a new scale or chord is enough learning for them to play the blues.

When is the first day?

No matter how much you’re excited about studying for music, there are actually some great early lessons from that time that are worth studying for later on. This is a great reason to start planning your free lessons in advance to make sure you’re on point.

When is the closing date?

This site takes about three months to create. You can keep checking back for updates on this site for free lessons every month to make sure you’re ready to take that crucial step of learning to play your first violin.

What happens if a student is not a member of the group?

To be eligible to access free lessons, you must be a student or a parent of a student as well as at least eighteen years old. The group membership level is strictly free lessons for non-students. We offer a membership level of $150 per month for all members who are not in a class.

Is my membership protected?

Absolutely. We have a 100 percent money back guarantee. All of our memberships are fully verified and members have full privacy. We’ve even gone to the length of using video evidence for you in case we lose you in a video or if you purchase a subscription to the site and you don’t agree with the lessons you’d be able to cancel at the bottom of the page and be refunded.

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Do I have to be on a music team?

Absolutely! With the vast variety of activities on our site you’re sure to find something perfect for you! We will help you build your repertoire and help you with your practice and practice equipment so you can focus on learning yourself or teaching others. Also, all of our memberships include access to a full catalog of thousands of free lessons. We can even help you find what’s right for you.

Do I have to be a member of a band?

Absolutely! There are many free lessons that can be done by every group and any band playing in your local area. But most importantly, if you’re a member of another membership group than the one you’re currently participating in your free lessons will be free as long as you are in the same music team as the original student.

How do I get my Free Lessons?


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