Can I learn piano in 6 months?

If you want to learn piano, try taking lessons from a certified teacher (a professional tutor). A teacher might be able to show you some new exercises, help you practice the way you do and perhaps show you how to improve the way you play. Many experts recommend learning piano at least 5 to 10 hours per week. Some piano teachers who specialize in teaching music lessons also provide online classes. You can check your local area’s local piano club for their recommendations on teachers and times.

Have I heard of Bach or Beethoven or Mozart?

You should be familiar with some piano music for the basics, but this is hardly compulsory to learn. If you know a lot of music, you should find out for yourself which is your favourite and explore the composers as you go along. If you like the basics, there will always be pieces that are easier and easier to play. If you want to know everything from Bach, you could spend years working for a beginner. You can find many examples at If you have a lot of music, and don’t care to learn from scratch, a dedicated piano teacher can recommend the best programs to listen to on your computer and help you practice the piece in real time.

How long will it be before I hear my music again?

Practice every day and every night, for weeks to come. You can expect to learn about 25% of all possible chords (with practice and practice), and a full range of keys. If you get your feet wet, it will be almost entirely clear by the end of a year (although you can still keep learning).

Do my musical ideas still come to me as an idea?

Not always, but it does sometimes. There will be times when you notice an idea you have for a song or piece, and the music will come alive – but sometimes there’s no such thing as an idea. Music will also have a certain style, and your music can also differ from another music with other aspects, such as a particular harmony, the beat or tempo of the piece you’re practicing.

Is my music good enough?

No, not even close. The best way to know whether your music is good enough is to listen. Take the time to listen and see if you get excited by the pieces you’re working on or the notes that come out of the piano. Also take the time to practice, as if you’ve just finished, there’s no way you