Can you learn piano on a keyboard?

Yeah, I can.

What kind?
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A really, really good keyboard.


It makes me a better pianist. There’s this really good, super-good piano which you just have to play, for a week or so, and then you just start working hard on it and you get really, really good at it. You’ll eventually reach this level of success, for some people. People that have it in their heads that they must play a little piano. I’m an expert at a whole lot of things. And I like to play piano as well, but I know that there’s a lot of other things that I’m better at.

So what can I do to improve?

Well, my advice for someone starting to play piano, to take the time to get your hands comfortable with the keyboard. And I just love playing with my fingers. If you’re going to play a whole lot of piano, you’re probably not going to be good enough. I mean, piano is the most important thing you make your life and your music. So just take a good long time with the keyboard, get your hands used to it, and let a good teacher teach you. I teach piano through my website with many of the leading teachers of the pianist on the planet. And you just have to be willing to do lots of little and small things because it is only by doing these little and small things that you’ll be able to get better.

I’ve noticed that there are some people that are interested in just becoming better at the piano. I understand that there’s a whole bunch of different things that would help you a great deal, but for me, it just depends on what I wanted to achieve with that music. And if my music is about being able to do something that I love, and just making myself better at doing that thing, I am probably going to enjoy the process. In general, there’s a lot of people that say, “I want to make the piano play like my voice.” If it really is about, “Can you really help me make the piano play like my voice?” And if it’s about playing the piano like I want to play it sounds really horrible, I don’t want to use that. If I’m in a situation where I know I really, really want to make my piano play like my voice, then I feel like, “It’s okay to make a few tiny adjustments here and there because it will