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This is a beautiful little piece of furniture that gives you two great options. If you’re looking for a great piece of furniture to fill a little living space, consider this table and chairs set. They offer excellent performance and a pleasing design that will really make your home more inviting. And the price is right, at just $39.95.

Features (click for description):

Set of 6 2-ft.-long chairs are available

Cushioned top with woodgrain details.

Durable metal bottom.

Bedding of fine felt.

Soft padding on the table top to comfort.

Rounded corners and a curved edge.

Scooped corners for an elegant touch.

Soft upholstery.

Tall and flexible design.
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12″ wide.

Size: 1′ x 1′

Length of Set: 9″

Assembly: 1 hour, includes assembly

Materials: Steel and wood.

Color: Satin Silver

The first time I heard the word “laid back,” it was in a conversation between me and a mutual friend about my work. After a little discussion, it came out as “love a beer after work.”

The phrase was so fitting. Working for the state of Virginia, being laid back is one of the great pleasures of my job. You’ll get to keep a little extra money, do the important tasks in the office you like, and maybe even do an occasional social event or hike (but don’t expect me to join you on those excursions).

It’s also one of the great perks of working in government. Working in the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) can be an adventure. You never know what projects might get you in trouble, and you always get a little bit of extra pay along with your normal salary to supplement your day-to-day wage. At the very least, you get the chance to visit with friends over a nice beer.

So naturally I love getting to keep that extra beer in the office, especially at lunchtime, when we can spend it all relaxing and enjoying ourselves. After all, it’s a nice change from my ordinary duties when I’m out in the field.

But my favorite way to enjoy a beer in the office is from a public table. There will always be a handful of people standing up there, chatting and drinking as the sun climbs over the

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