Can you really learn piano online? – Learn Piano For Beginners Happy Birthday

Yes, I could. As soon as people get access to this service, it’s going to be incredibly useful.

Have you taken any formal lessons?

No! (laughs) Just in the last few months I have taken at least one week’s course of piano lessons with The Master’s School, where I’m a full-time student.

And you’re a fan of the internet?

Yes. And YouTube has become such an integral part of my education: there’s so many videos to watch online, that’s why I was so interested in it.

You mentioned on your site that you use “a lot of technology”. Can you give us an example?

In order to perform your music I need to be able to take notes with a guitar, but of course if I want to play a piano the key is different. And the keys are very different, too; I have to pick my keys very carefully because the keys in a piano are quite different. So I use a lot of technology.

I’m not talking about video cameras, either; with the help of my MIDI Keyboard, I have a really large collection of apps – so many I could just give you a list here.

A lot of people are working in technology – can you describe where technology fits in your life?

I’m not really sure because a lot of my life is in constant motion – but in some ways technology is the only thing that reminds me of other activities I used to do when I was young. I really like music. I enjoy music a lot, and playing the piano and playing electronic music are my top two favourite things ever.

Do you also write music? You are the lead singer of the band, the Kaleidoscope Kid.

My songwriting has to do with life in general; I have to think about why things happen or don’t happen. It’s something that I’m still thinking about every day. I don’t really need to write music for my band; a few songs can help me feel free when I’m working alone.
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You and your band will tour with a US tour called “Elysium”, where you are set to play in four cities simultaneously, starting on 20 March. Does this give you the chance to experiment with different ways of communicating with listeners?

Well, I can tell you that my first impression of the tour was very positive. We just played two nights in LA before traveling to New York

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