Can you skip grades in piano?

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Yes, in addition to a piano in the beginning. However, one has to learn the fundamentals first. If they do not know how to play, then the teachers will let them “prove” themselves, so they will be sure not to fall. That does not mean they would be punished, as it is the students that have to teach the teachers themselves. After the instructor is trained, they may be given practice notes after the lesson.

How much do you want to spend on your instrument?

I want my instrument to last me for many years. But that can be difficult, as people are always trying to buy a new instrument. As long as the piano is going to go out of the home, it will probably end up on the market. If I do not have a specific goal for the piano, I will ask my friend to buy one if I buy it. I want it to be a part of my life. I want to know that my music can be enjoyed outside and that I won’t have to buy a new piano every year.

Will I get any advice from my piano teacher?

My teacher will give me his/her opinion. Generally, my teacher will be very patient. That is, the teacher just wants to know if I am making new progress, if I am making progress on some of the topics, etc. If he/she tells me that I need to take new lessons, then this will be a waste of time. The teacher only wants to see whether my progress is a result of his/her own work and he/she will not be concerned about the music that I hear. If I hear a certain piece in the piano teacher’s lesson and I don’t like it, then the teacher will inform me that my piece is bad and we can move on.

What is the average time between lessons (in hours) for someone who is learning a new instrument?

We usually start with practice on all the “sounds” and then move on to the “hands”. The teacher goes over the whole piece slowly, and is sure that the student knows them all. This will give us the time to feel if the student is making any progress. If they are, they will be moved on. However, the student will start to make mistakes during the time they spend on the hands. They need to be aware of this. I would advise that we spend 1-2 hours per day on the whole section and then 2+ hours for each hand