Can you skip grades in piano? – Learn How To Play Piano Without A Piano

For me, being a piano player was not easy either — I’ve been told that I could never play piano or violin, just because both my family members are deaf and can’t hear, and I had to find music that they liked and would enjoy. So I decided to focus on piano for a while, but not just because it is interesting to play. I wanted to work with one of the more popular keyboard players in France (and also one of the best guitar players at the time), to have a chance to make something of myself in a country where even some very talented guitar players don’t reach the level of an Eric Clapton.

What is it about performing that you find more interesting and satisfying than the real thing?

Of course it was exciting to perform on stage and it is also thrilling when you do it on a regular basis, and to receive lots of praise. It is a feeling you can never get in real life, and it makes it difficult to forget that it is not all about doing it in the real way only. I also love the “real” feeling because it can make you think of something different: instead of being distracted by what is happening on the stage, you actually feel things which you normally wouldn’t be able to think about in this real situation. You feel that you are moving towards something big and impressive, which is what most of all makes “real work” a pleasure, at the very least (and this is true for all different forms of art)

What was the single thing you learned about yourself and music that made you want to become a songwriter?

At the age of 22 I had to write a song for my band, which I didn’t have time to do. So I wrote some short notes with two notes, which they didn’t know were songs until it was done. And, after that, I thought: “That’s what I need to do, before I become a real songwriter.”

What is your biggest regret?

I should have stayed in the band for a while longer, because I loved both of them very much and loved being part of a really powerful band. But being a band-leader was also a big mistake because it allowed me to focus more on being a solo artist than being a performer and a songwriter. But what is great is that I have made a new friend and that we have both learned so much from playing together, in particular through the lessons we have received together.


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