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Piano requires a fairly large vocabulary which requires a lot of practice. In addition, piano requires some very specific motor skills, some of which can be learnt without any piano keyboard.

If you take a good and comprehensive piano course, you will learn basic piano movements (left hand, right hand, raising and lowering of hands, rising and falling of feet, bending of fingers etc.)

You will also learn how to reach out to other people (using a lot of gesture).

I will show you some examples with simple piano exercises. It is a lot of fun to play with yourself too.

It is even possible to learn piano on your iPhone while driving 😉

If you are a pianist who wants to learn a piano without keyboard, you are not alone. All pianists want to learn piano with keyboard. Most people think that it is the most difficult instrument to learn piano. The truth is that there are lots of great exercises to play on a piano with keyboard.
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The important thing is to practice each exercise every day. Practice makes perfect, and it is so easy to practice piano with keyboard. It is not a big challenge.

To get good piano exercises from time to time, you need lots of practice sessions. You should start your practicing program at the beginning of the day (to get started!) and gradually improve your piano exercises (and improve every practice on piano exercises by 5 to 10%).

Practice time is one of the most important factors to understand before starting your piano learning program.

Practice makes perfect, practice makes hours, and hours make piano progress.

The difference is that, if you play a lot of piano every day, your fingers naturally become used to this, which will help you a lot to reach high level.

How to practice piano for beginners?

You can begin practicing piano on your iPhone or iPad if you find the right piano exercises and play them daily regularly.

There are thousands of free piano exercises on You can search these exercises, browse their descriptions and start to improve your piano exercises in a simple way.

There are also lots of tutorials to learn piano in the online piano tutorials section on

You can learn piano with your smartphone, using the piano app Piano Pro available for iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone.

You can start practicing piano with your smartphones using piano app Piano Player as well.

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