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If this is your first piano lesson, you probably need a piano with 88 keys. When we first taught piano to beginners, we taught them to play two keys (E, Eb, F, G, Eb). It’s also important not to forget the other keys – if you’re in a band or a choir and/or a band has a drummer, you’ll need to know them and to play along. If you’re playing in other instruments or for a living, then you can always learn the piano as many times as needed to expand your abilities. Just don’t take it lightly! This is your beginning course, and once you’ve made progress on your knowledge of the piano, you can start practicing to improve your skills.

How do I learn how to play a key?

There are three main ways to learn a key:

Music theory Learn how to do a key scale or arpeggio, and then start working on playing that scale or arpeggio in a key The fretboard Use fingerboard diagrams or musical notes to see how they work together How to memorize specific keys or arpeggios Learn the correct fingering to perform them in a given key

Learning a key in one of these ways will give you a foundation for learning new keys in the others. If you go off of the first path (practice theory), you need to develop your fingers and knowledge of finger positions, which is different than playing in the key of E or F, because you can’t just play in the key of E in a given way. Instead, you need to perform a variety of different keys and learn how to move through a given key, depending on the situation. If you don’t already know enough arpeggios, fingerings, or scales from your piano lessons, it will take time to learn these things, and you could even forget them by the time you start playing. Instead, learn the keys and arpeggios by listening to recordings of people doing them that you can reference at any time, using a keyboard. This is much easier than memorizing them by ear. However, before reading about using the piano, learn to think in different ways, memorize scales and arpeggios, and have good ear and dexterity.

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How can I learn how to do a key scale or arpeggio?

There are two types of scales in the piano: major and minor, and between these two types we also have minor, octave and

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