Do you need 88 keys to learn piano?

You should be reading this blog post, not answering.

In a recent example, we have an app for iPad in which the user must select a song to listen to. Once a song is selected, the user can listen with or without headphones and without audio delay – it all depends on the app. When you hear this app, you should immediately think:

Is this an audio app we really need?

But that is exactly the point – when you’re working with audio, it’s not all the same.

You must decide if audio is the right approach to build your app.

In this post, we will discuss a few things you must know.

Audio in the Wild

There are two main cases when audio is needed:

Play audio when the user clicks on an element. Play audio when using another audio app.

In the previous case, you had to listen to other apps, and use audio delay to minimize the impact.

Here, we’ll go more in depth. We will discuss the audio delay that works well in iOS 8 (and what you should avoid when dealing with it).

What can you do when there are multiple audio apps?

The answer is pretty simple. You only need one audio app. This is especially true in situations where you have multiple audio apps in your application (such as if another audio app has a video component and you have another video app to present to other user). For example, you might have a TV service with 4 or more devices. You can’t just play audio (because they require separate hardware), nor can you play a music player in your car. You need to have one audio app – one that is fully independent from the other audio apps in your application.

Audio with the audio component

If you’re working with a music app that uses an audio component (such as SoundCloud), you only need one audio app. So you can use the audio component to send and receive audio data for the app. So you can play on one device, and listen on another, or use the audio to display something else on the screen.

So, if your app doesn’t require audio – the main point of this article is still valid.

Playback with the media player

While playing text and visual content, you need to make sure that the playback is always done in the right way. On iOS devices only, this is because of the limited storage in iOS. This