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Can you tell me how to play some of the jazz-influenced chords to go along with those chord progressions! If you can, don’t worry, I still can!

Okay… so I have all this information about how to play chords, how to tell when I’m right on beat, what happens when you add these chords into an arrangement, etc. This will help you play along with tunes, not just memorize them to be able to hit them. So if you’re not completely sure your hands are good enough, maybe check with your teacher.

Now you’ve had the opportunity to play along with my songs and have developed some skill. You probably got to the end of that song and were excited! I am, too. Let’s start moving on towards something that will benefit your performance even more…

Next you have to look at some of the things I discuss in my lessons that you want. Those include:

How to play rhythm along with a tune

What changes you need to make between chords in an arrangement

I talked about this on the YouTube lesson about playing along with my “Piano” chord progressions

How NOT to sound like a professional in an arrangement

How to move around an arrangement

The list goes on…

I know you already thought I was full of it…

I am not.

It really does make you go nuts to be able to do so much so easily. But if you’re still looking for someone to talk about it, take a second and watch this great video by Eric Clapton.

I’m not the only one who talks a lot about this in his videos. And now he has another amazing channel! He’s also the person who brought me on his site:

This is him demonstrating chord changes in a melody. (Note: You don’t need to click the play button just yet. You just need to look in the video).
Best Way To Learn The Piano Quickly | Music Repo

Now, don’t let my talk scare you off. I was just describing “technique”, not “how to play with this tune”. If you’d like to learn new chord progressions you really should spend some time learning the song and playing along with it. I’m sure that the chord progressions you learn will be much more entertaining than that old piano.

Okay, now that you have an idea of what to do in terms of practice, what next?

Step Three: Work the Chord Progressions

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