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I love my hands,” she says with a laugh, showing her well-kept hands.

When it comes to fashion and fashionistas, her wardrobe is just the tip of the iceberg, she adds.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Jennifer Aniston and Chris Pratt have been spotted shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York

“When I’m wearing a dress, my feet go down for hours. When I want to wear shorts, I have to wear them low and they need to be tight, so my feet feel good,” she says.

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Ms Angel’s fashion choices are unique, with no two pieces matching – they are designed to be a true reflection of her personality.

She admits that she is still experimenting with her look and says she might even try her new make-up a little differently on her next outing.

Her wardrobe has no shortage of accessories and accessories are the focal point of any fashionista.

Her latest collection, which was showcased at a special edition of the US show FASHION, took inspiration from the fashion trends of the day.

“I wanted to create a collection that was inspired by what was happening [in the fashion world],” Ms Angel tells us.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The show was held at the Park Avenue Armory in New York on 28 April

Image caption The actress also made a number of personal outfits including a scarf, socks and a belt

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption A few of her personal pieces were included in Ms Angel’s collection

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The actress also wore two new dresses

“My favourite thing when I have new outfits is I wear it on my first date. When you first start wearing different looks you don’t know what to wear next,” she adds.

Although she is well known for her roles in the movies, Ms Angel insists she doesn’t consider herself “a hero” and adds: “I just think, if I can do a character, can anyone do a character?”

Jennifer Aniston and Chris Pratt have also been spotted browsing the Saks Fifth Avenue store in New York (it has been reported, however, that nothing unusual was going on).

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The star has used her friendship with Ms Angel to raise awareness about bullying

“We are always trying to do things for others that are good. There’s something so wonderful about giving another, little thing a chance. It’s like if you had

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