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MUMBAI, India, Feb. 10 (UPI) — India is to issue new rules on Internet filtering following a petition by some members of Parliament.

The Communications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad told parliament on Wednesday that the government is planning to regulate Internet delivery by state-run telecom companies more carefully.

“We are planning a new regulation to govern all services in the telecom system, including Internet Internet and mobile Internet. We will do this with a view to ensure that the telecom services provided by such companies are safe,” he said.

Under the proposed rules, state-run telecom companies would have to obtain customer consent before using their own servers for filtering and blocking websites. Only state-run companies would be able to block content from outside India.

Rajat Sharma, chairman of the BJP’s Indian internet research centre told The Washington Post that the petition, filed on May 31, was the first in India in the “many years it’s been petitioning the government for such things.”

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“I know this is not easy, but many people would be relieved,” he said. “It will not only protect children, but also protect privacy and free speech, which are crucial in a country like India.”

A group of about 200 activists protesting the Keystone XL oil pipeline traveled from British Columbia to Washington State Friday night, hoping to draw attention to the pipeline’s environmental dangers.

The participants included members of the Canadian opposition party Green Party, environmental groups and activists from around the United States and Canada, including several members of the presidential campaigns — Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Activists set up camp on an area of land the company plans to use as a pipeline crossing near Fort Laramie in southwest Montana. Some people were allowed to camp on the property while others had to leave because of concerns of noise or traffic, and some were not allowed to camp in any way at all. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe was part of the group and has been invited to speak to protesters.

Activists say it’s critical to connect the pipeline to the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline through British Columbia that would connect the Alberta oil sands province to