How do you play piano with both hands? – How To Play Piano Pdf

You can play both hands simultaneously, but it helps to have a good practice routine. For example, if you have to play in the same key, play with your left hand first.

You could also try something called a handstand or craniosynth.

You can try this yourself online, by clicking this box. (But it doesn’t teach you how to make handstands and there are some great beginner videos available if you don’t find something to use for you.)

A handstand is a combination of a handstand and a step through the air. But instead of moving straight up, you rotate your body, like a ballerina.

You can read this article about some tips for handstands, and also try the same experiment with music.

I learned from my dad how to make a handstand at home. In the video below I show you why it is important to know how to do a handstand.

For more about learning, see these pages:

If you would like to learn how to make a handstand, check out the videos and books below.

The Video

Watch the handstand video.

The Books

Watch this chapter in my books. You’ll learn how to start with a handstand and gradually build to a craniosynth.

The Video:

The books and videos are listed in order of date of first published.
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