How long does it take to learn piano?

Musical ability and training in music can take many years for an experienced musician. While I have seen very talented but uncoordinated young musicians (who are generally at that stage of their development) perform without a hint in their performance, they don’t seem to make much progress. The difference is that these very talented and uncoordinated young students often are being coached and taught by experienced teachers to their ears as they develop.

However some young musicians are very good but don’t want to work at it as much so they drop out (sometimes early) and pursue other interests. Some of these students will eventually be as good as seasoned professionals. It doesn’t take long though, and at that point an amazing teacher will appear and coach them to the piano. That person will be much higher than the student and will have a reputation of being able to coach a level of musical ability beyond the student’s current level.
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I want to hear you talk about your progress!

My experience with this is that every person who begins piano school (or piano related events) in the year following graduation from high school in their home country has a dramatically different playing-field than the people who have not gone through piano school. A little over 1/3 of the students in the United States go on to piano school once they graduate high school, however very few people can play the basic skills learned in music school in any reasonable manner.

The best analogy I can think of is that as a kid you can still play the same basic, and in my opinion very boring “barre chords” for years without ever getting worse.

In the same way, those who study piano learn the basic skills that most of us use most of the time: writing melodies, improvising, chord changes, working to find out the fundamental shape of a chord, etc. But as the years go on they learn more and more and can write all manner of music, from simple and easy tunes to more complex ones. It doesn’t take long to develop a very different and specialized way to play the piano and even a unique instrument of the same genre, such as violin, when working on music.

You are a talented and enthusiastic pianist. Can you tell us some of the best lessons you’ve had to attend?

I’ve taught hundreds of people to learn to play piano and there have been a few experiences that were phenomenal. My main focus has always been to find the best teachers on the planet who I could trust and I