How long does it take to learn the piano? – How To Learn Piano Reddit

The pianist’s own piano-playing lessons can typically take 3-6 hours a week

What if I can’t manage to work out for three hours a day? The average student in the UK can only play for 8-12 hours a week, so you should keep this in mind.

If I can’t work out for two days, a week or 10-12 hours a week, how can I improve? The best thing to do is to practise frequently. A good rule of thumb is that you should focus on playing three, four or five times a day. When you work on specific sections it makes it much easier to play them at high speed.

If I can’t work out properly, I can expect I’ll be better at something else. A recent study found that people with severe problems playing piano were better at maths. You can think of it as “being good at everything”. It’s good to develop these qualities – they make you more intelligent.

What are effective self-training exercises? The most effective exercises for learning the piano are those that involve practising a particular note or sequence. You can find some of the best self-training exercises through this website that will help you practise: Piano for Beginners.

How does the study period vary from teacher to teacher? The period of study varies from teacher to teacher, depending on the programme. Some teachers spend the first and last hours a week teaching at their clubs. Some teachers teach their groups, with the group’s members being divided out into groups. This allows each group to get a little more work in before a final assessment. In some cases, teachers work in pairs, with the lead teacher teaching the group and the follower holding the keys. This means that most teachers are not on a “class” schedule. In some cases the teacher will spend the majority of his or her time teaching and the second and third weeks are spent with the students.

Do you need any music or music theory lessons? You’ll need to work out what your musical instrument is best suited to playing. The piano is the most obvious choice, but you can explore other instruments if it’s your favourite instrument. You could also try a different instrument for a couple of weeks, such as a string instrument, saxophone or banjo.

Is it OK to be self-taught? It’s important to remember that all the practice and studying is for music development. There’s no shame in needing someone to teach you how to practice well. Sometimes

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