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At the start of my piano journey I wasn’t very good, at least at first. I couldn’t play simple pieces and I think that’s why I spent so much time thinking about it. At the beginning of the course, I got the impression that this is a language that requires quite a lot of effort. But, if you start at the beginning there, you should not expect much, you have to take the time to master it. And, as I’ve said, it’s not a difficult skill to learn…

There’s a lot of talk about climate change by the government these days, and it is important for us all to pay attention. That said, to help you make sense of our climate and weather issues, we’ve compiled a handy infographic.

We have a long history of taking on key questions in the U.S. election cycle: Will you vote? What do you think about climate change and the candidates, both current and former? Will you be concerned about climate change if Hillary Clinton has a big win?

We also have an extensive list of other issues, from gun safety to a tax on food-producing plastic bags. Check out all the info, including the infographic , on our page here.


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In a case that will reverberate for years, a judge today allowed the University of Colorado to allow its students to carry handguns on campus, saying they should not be treated differently than other state residents.

Judge David Hale said the university had failed to prove that allowing students to carry guns would make students safer.

“The university is arguing that allowing faculty and staff to have guns on campus would protect against threats of violence,” Hale said in court documents. “But, a significant study by the University of California, Berkeley, has shown that faculty-faculty interactions are far and away the safest place on campus.”

At issue was a policy that allowed students who enrolled a year after Jan. 1, 2010, to bring handguns on campus. Colorado law allows schools to let guns be carried by certain staff and students.

The case began in 2003, when then-U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak, D-Del., asked Boulder County sheriff Jim Holmes to investigate reports that students at CU were harassing another campus group. Holmes said they seemed “aggressive and

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