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There’s more to the piano than playing; you learn to read music. I play about 3 or 4 hours a day.

The pianist is just very much an observer [in school] … you become an observer of things without being part of them; you have the knowledge and the ability but you can’t get the experience. What comes natural is to move the piano and to be able to express yourself.

I’m not in tune. I’m not a good violinist. I try not to do too much piano. It’s a lot harder than doing the guitar with some effort … [so] a lot better practice I think than the violin … in practice.

The hardest part of playing the piano is getting into a groove and going deeper and getting more into the music; not going out of one note or even two [notes].

When I first started in piano school, there were only 8,000 pianists in the world who had never heard this technique. It was a revolutionary change and they used to say it wasn’t for beginners or even for people with poor musical abilities. It was for people who could already play the piano, and it was also said not to be difficult for people who weren’t interested in improving their skills at playing music.

I was in a school that was very progressive [in music] from the classical age, where you could do just about anything as long as you were able to perform. This is why I believe that playing has the quality of a poem in English, which we all know.

It never fails to amaze me, the great work of art in life. If you live a long time away from it and only see things from the perspective of someone who is living in a certain situation, all kinds of things come to mind. The piano has great artistry; I think there is a lot of music in there.

The best way to enjoy music is the way I enjoy life! The person who is in tune becomes more involved in their musical life.

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“I’ve seen that the quality of my playing does not change. For the piano I have a natural sensitivity. It is very comfortable. This is an indication that the piano works with my entire soul — it does not want to be tampered with”

You’re not an artist, there is no secret to your talents … but when you play the piano, it always comes to mind. I was really surprised when people asked me if I am an

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