Is it hard to learn piano at an older age? – Learn Piano Chords For Dummies

I am not sure but I’ve often seen older pianists struggling to learn the new sounds of the piano. And many of them have trouble with the hand speed!

What is an important skill to learn at an older age in piano (but not bass)? I’m sorry, I don’t know!

Why do you want to be a professional musician? It is for my enjoyment. After 10 years I feel that I am good enough to play as a professional.

How much effort did it take for you to get back on the piano and teach? It took about 2 years to get back and play in concert in Prague before my brother joined me.

What is the difference between a “masterful” and an “improperly talented,” or how does your relationship with your family in Sweden compare to that in your home country? Well, my family really doesn’t think there is a difference. And, yes, the difference is definitely in the fact that they don’t think that I am the master of my instrument. The difference is that I feel that I am a good enough teacher.

Did you really make the transition from professional to amateur? Yes, I learned about piano by listening to many professional pianists and I started to play piano at the age of 2-3. I think I was still young when I heard about Gustav Mahler’s concertos to try to learn how to play his style. It was my dream come true. It took until I graduated from high school to realize that I really couldn’t be a “bad” pianist. I am actually very good. I do all the homework, study music theory in depth, try my best and finally get the time to play in concert.

Do you think that you are a “newbie” piano teacher or is that just your own perception of how teachers approach children? My teaching method is very different from others. I use a very flexible method that is used for piano practice: I will play to the best of my ability on all the piano books I have. I practice very little for the first few years, and then gradually my students will be very interested. Then I will gradually increase my playing, until they can play very well.

How much does your piano education cost you? It is all free! It costs the teacher about 7.000 euros.

How does your teaching method differ from those of your peers at music schools? With my coaching technique, it is very easy for me because I give my

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