Is it hard to learn piano? – How To Learn Piano Notes

Let me help you.

To teach somebody how to play piano (or other instruments) properly:
Learn to play piano by ear in 40 minutes. Relative pitch training ...

A) Start watching a lot of youtube videos about how to play music.

B) Watch some videos on piano music theory and practice yourself in many ways.

C) Listen to lots of music. You are going to need to study music. It is like an organ!

Then, in the beginning, learn to play only chords.

Then, once you become better than a beginner and really feel comfortable, you might want to add a solo. Then, do some “practice with notes”, in order to get to the level of your soloing abilities.

D) Finally, learn different scales and chords. As you learn them your ears will develop, until you can play them.

If you want to learn piano to be a great piano teacher, I recommend you look at this great course of piano instructors.

I am not a teacher, I am just sharing my ideas, since I really feel that piano teachers who just play scales, chords and solo are missing something!

Many people have asked me, why I started teaching the piano.

It was a time not much ago when I was on the verge of going to some other career. The only one possible option was to make piano my career.

Before beginning to learn to play the piano, it is worth to listen to all the famous songs by Chopin, Debussy, etc.

The first thing that I do to learn the piano is, I try to play as many piano songs as possible. But, as a professional pianist, I only play one, one album after another. So, to truly enjoy the piano, I play very few songs, so that the piano remains your whole life.

There is a great piano lesson, by Jutta Köpke.

Some people like Chopin’s works, but they do not have the time right after listening to Chopin.

There is an interesting website which lists several songs and the most popular ones by Chopin.

So, you can hear the melody of the song many times, and then after listening to the song, you can read the lyrics on paper.

Some people prefer to learn to play the piano by soloing.

I can only learn by playing, while soloing is quite complex, since I have limited experience because of my very young age and the fact

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