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And how does listening to a live concert sound? These are very subjective questions. Some pianists simply like to listen to live music live and don’t enjoy any of the technical elements of the instrument. They do enjoy music, but it’s not something they are particularly good at. You don’t need to like the instrument or be good at it in order to enjoy a live concert experience to some pianist. Most piano players are good with almost all of the technical elements of the instrument. Some will feel more comfortable with a different instrument. Some also can learn very quickly with one instrument, while others will need a bit more practice to improve their playing.

How about learning a different instrument? I’ve heard the common argument that because it can’t be played as well as the piano, learning a guitar also has to be done. This is a common mistake that many people make when learning other instruments. A guitar can be played as well by someone who hates the instrument or even someone who is extremely good at playing it. It isn’t because you need to be good at the different instrument to be a good musician (although that is certainly a benefit if you are). So, to the person who thinks learning the piano is a waste of time, I’d suggest that she listen to the band play “The Star-Spangled Banner” while eating dinner and then go listen to that same song again while sitting in the car on your way to another concert. You will find it to be a fascinating experience and your own life will be improved by listening to it.
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This is a very good question and I wouldn’t necessarily answer it by saying, “Oh, it can’t be that difficult.” That would be a wrong answer to put on such a broad question. Instead, I might say, “To what difficulty would you liken doing something else?” If you’d like to know what I would say, let me tell you. I will start from my own experience.

My first experience learning the piano was a long time ago. I was a very small child and had to memorize many chords (the way in which I might be doing it now). My parents could not understand what I was attempting to do, so they kept me away from what was actually fun, reading and playing musical instruments. To this day, I would have no patience for learning piano because most of what I hear during a performance is simply repetition of “C’mon over there, let me help you out. I’ve got a piece to play,

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