Is learning piano easy? – Learn Piano Chords

Learn chords using scales and chord names in this course on how to recognize and play the common chords for most songs.

Learn the chords to most songs.

The best way to practice is to write it down! This course teaches you chord names and scales. Using a sheet music editor, you can begin writing down song lines to practice on your own.

This course will help you to learn chords quickly.

Learn how to play chord progressions, form the chord you want to play, and how to play a melody line.

By the end, you’ll have all your notes ready to apply to the songs in the app.

Learn how to play chords for songs.

It might take you a couple of hours to learn chords because you’re used to playing them all the time.

Not anymore. You’ll learn chords for songs you actually hear on the radio – so you can hear how easy it is to just make it sound like you’ve memorized them.

Learning how to play chords isn’t the hard part for you.

It’s the process that’s difficult.

The reason you can’t really practice chord progressions is because your hands aren’t fast enough – even when they’re super practiced.

This course explains how to write chord progressions. You’ll learn how to create chord progressions, where their chords should go, and in what order. This is your chance to practice with a music teacher, and you’ll be a bit surprised how easy it is!

Learn how to write chord progressions.

So where does that leave you for learning chords?

Well you can play chords all you want if you are just getting started with this course. But what you need to do is get your fingers moving faster. It’ll take you a few months to fully master all the notes on the fretboard (the actual notes). But then the fretboard becomes your best friend.

So how can you take your fretboard from being a place to rest your fingers and move it closer to that perfect spot which can be used to play any song?

Learn to play chords like you’ve never played them before.

In this course, you’ll learn what chord progressions are, where to play them, and how they all work. You get to learn how chords flow, how you should use chord names, chords for different tunings, chord scales for solos, and chords for any song!


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