Is Piano difficult to learn?

Can I find the way to memorize and memorize well?

Piano requires lots of practice.
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The more you practice the more your abilities become flexible. But remember that even at the most advanced level of piano learning (which I consider a very high level), practicing is much better than giving up and not trying at all. Most piano players and teachers know that there is no magic key to success, although I am sure that there are some secret keys that can lead you to success. Most piano players will give up after two to three months and find some new skill, either musical or social, to enjoy. I’ve also heard people saying that they have gotten a new skill after only a short period of time.

This is the only way that it will be possible for you to memorize music with ease. There are many reasons why it’s almost impossible to memorize any music with just two days of effort:

All major keyboard tones are difficult to learn at very simple scales. For many reasons (such as a lack of skills and motivation), you just can’t practice those tones for hours.

If you practice scales slowly enough, you will eventually “grow” your ability. If you get a “newbie” score of 100, the first thing you are supposed to do is increase the scale in 5/4 and make the minor scale even easier. If you practice that scale for 30 minutes a day, after a month, you might be able to play even the most difficult scale. (Of course, if you don’t make good progress, it’s very rare that you can become great at the new scale you’ve built).

For all you other scales, it will be extremely difficult to learn and remember them without the aid of music theory. Even though a scale scale can be learned without music theory in one or two weeks without any specific practice, the technique of memorizing scales in general, even at the beginner level, takes weeks of long practice on a regular basis. The most important thing to keep in mind is: the more practice you have, the more it will make you fluent in the piano music and be very flexible with the notes you play.

A lot of people claim that there will be a “solution” to this particular problem that makes it worth your effort. Here’s what I’ve heard and also seen in other communities. There are those who say that piano practice will make you great at piano. Many people talk about how great it makes you to do exercises