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When I was young, I was so focused on learning piano with the teacher that I didn’t like playing any other kind of music or even any other instrument at all. I learned the piano as quickly and easily as if it was any other instrument. So learning piano can be a great thing for those who are looking for something different or are learning a different instrument as opposed to playing other forms of music. When I was learning guitar, I learned the guitar by first learning to play guitar. I really liked playing guitar and I wanted to play that kind of music. However, as I started getting better at playing guitar, I was constantly trying to learn more and more. So in an effort to play more music, I moved to guitar and started doing what we now call “studio stuff.”

Do you play other instruments than piano and guitar?
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If you’re lucky enough to be around my age, you might as well learn guitar to give yourself an excuse to talk to me about my own music. I’m not the kind of person who wants to look at something and say, “I’m not good enough.” But if I play a really great guitar solo or I get into a really great jam session with my band members, it can be really exciting to see someone who can actually use it.

If I can pick a couple songs to say, “I would like to play this,” I’m not as good at that. I don’t need to know who wrote it, which could be somebody I don’t really know, but I would like to know that if I play that song, I’m actually better at playing it than somebody else. I like the idea of just not knowing and not knowing too much.

Do you feel the same way about playing music as I do?

Absolutely! When I was around 15 years old or older, I was really into what I used to call “the underground,” which was all kinds of stuff. I had a rock ‘n’ roll background with Motown, with the kind of music that I listened to. I would listen to a whole bunch of different types of music. I didn’t have any intention of going into a rock ‘n’ roll band. But then I listened to Motown a lot as a teenager and really appreciated it. So I got into the rock ‘n’ roll in a real, real good way.

Now I’m a rock ‘n’ roll fan and I don’t really have an interest in that.

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