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A good music education starts at age 4 to 5 years with the classical piano lesson and continues with a piano concerto. From there, lessons move along to solo, jazz and pop music. To help your child take their music education to the next level, I suggest they practice their skill on a dedicated music instrument, such as the piano or a grand piano. After they have learned to play, start your music education with them in a group setting.

Does any music instruction help my child when they need it most?

No, it’s best for your child to learn music individually before they need any help from us.

If you’re concerned about your child taking piano lessons, I suggest first asking them what kinds of lessons would suit them the best. Then, you can discuss which parts of the piano would be most comfortable for you, and discuss what your child would like to listen to and what repertoire they would like to learn to. Then we can discuss any future music lessons for your child.

Can someone play the piano better than me?

I don’t think so…I’ve said nothing bad about the ability of anyone else to play the piano. However, everyone has to make their own decision as to what would be most enjoyable for them to hear.

If you know that your child is able to play piano, but not as well as you or your partner, I suggest asking them to consider a different type of piano. If they do not agree to try a different piano, I would suggest they use an electronic or electric piano (a piano with a range of pitch and volume settings), preferably a larger instrument such as a grand piano or a “bigger” piano/bass. I suggest they start with their primary instrument (for instance, piano) and work backwards to learning the other instruments, such as the trumpet, saxophone or violin. Also consider working a few classes with an acoustic piano.

Can people teach me how to play piano?

Not every teacher can offer the same kind of help your child desires, so you will need to talk to others who are great at learning music. The idea is that each of us has a unique approach to music and we need to learn from each other as we go. The great thing is that there are many different kinds of teachers out there. Here are a few ideas for people who would be awesome if you are interested in teaching a child to play:

Music Teachers

Many of the piano teachers in my neighborhood

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