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There are three different ages that can be ideal for music lessons. As a beginner, you should start the lessons before the age of 12. As a beginning, there is no need for an advanced age. As an intermediate, we think a person that’s 14-16 years old is best for music lessons. If you think that you could do better than a 14-year-old, then you’ll need to adjust to a higher age to fit it.

If you prefer to start as a beginner, don’t try to do it right away. It will take a year of music lessons and one album to get the basics down. You will find that you don’t learn quite the same way.

For a complete list of musical age for beginners and intermediate ages, check out the list of music lessons recommended by Kari and Eric from the blog: My Piano Teacher Guide

What’s your advice for people trying to learn a musical instrument?
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Start slowly. Try to learn a new song at one time. Go through a couple of pieces and practice them a time or two. As you add more pieces the rhythm will start to change. And if you practice them a few times, you’ll notice that the technique becomes easier, and even your technique will improve.

How to get a good teacher

There are 3 ways to find a piano teacher who can help you learn:

Ask online

Visit a local piano school (many piano schools also offer online lessons as well)

Apply for a teacher scholarship

Ask around for school volunteers

When it comes to the first method, there are many websites that offer online lessons. You can find tutorials, advice, video and even music tutorials. There might have a piano teacher listed as a volunteer in the search results. However, if you go to a website and try to find a piano teacher to tutor your child, you should be prepared to receive a very strange response. You are going to meet a piano teacher that was recently hired by a company or school. In some cases, this is just an old man sitting in front of the keyboard and is not very professional.

Another problem with this method is that many schools have to pay for the piano teacher to be there. If you have to pay any money at all, that’s a lot of money you’re going to have to spend. Additionally, there are a lot of online videos that are very similar to how a real teacher teaches. It can be a good idea

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