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The average violin is more than £12,000 with an estimate of £6,000 for an extremely well-known specimen of violins. The price is around 4-6 percent above the price of an average contemporary violin.

A typical viola also requires an owner to make a minimum £20 per month in contribution to their financial obligations. Most violins are not for sale and most violin shops are not required to carry the required minimum stock of instruments.

What is the cost of a violin at a professional shop?

There are quite a few retailers who carry great-sounding quality instruments, but the typical cost for a professional viola player may be $100-150, although this may vary substantially. A $200 violin would certainly be more attractive than a $100 one for most players.

What happens if I break an instrument?

The cost is usually minor and most broken violins are repaired or replaced. Even when the player is not available there is an enormous amount of support available with many suppliers having websites that do online repair and resale for violins. Most professional violins are designed to withstand extreme abuse for many years and there are many fine violins in every maker’s line that have been put through the wringer. A broken violin is usually repaired to an acceptable level, some violins are not made with much tension and can be re-strung several times and some violins even survive being dropped from a great height with no damage at all and can continue to play well for years.

How much does it cost to make such instruments for live performance?

For live performance the cost is around 10-20 grand for the best violins, but for concert use this figure has been reduced considerably as the prices has risen with the increasing availability of high quality instruments. This is now more than ever, because it is possible to buy an extremely high quality viola that plays flawlessly without any problem.

How can I tell the difference between the cheaper and the more expensive violins?

The lowest priced violas are those made for concerts but the most expensive are available for playing at professional music venues and there are two types: those which have been designed specifically for professional music and are used to play at music festivals and by professional musicians; and those which are designed specifically for live music performance and are made of the finest quality.

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You can compare prices by using the following link.

Why do you sell violins so cheaply?

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