What instrument should I choose to learn?

The basic instrument will be learned by playing a sample. You can start learning by practicing notes on the instruments but it’s important to always have the idea first. The best sample is always the one that comes to you right in the mix. This will be easier if playing from a sample you have already heard.

What instrument should I NOT learn? (I’ve forgotten my instrument but I can still play it, or I’m interested in it.

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Don’t let your passion for the instrument prevent you from learning. The instrument is not your job. Don’t expect to be a good pianist because you have a piano at home. The great pianists that know how to play the piano are able to play many different instruments because it’s very hard to find the right one in your situation.

Don’t force things. Play as much as you like and keep learning. If you love to play your instrument, it’s ok to stick with it. Practice as much as you can. It’s ok to want to give up, but don’t. It’s okay to decide to stop, but don’t force it. Stop trying to force things and play the music and let your instrument do the work.

My main instrument:

I used to play a lot of classical and jazz but I’ve gotten a lot better at playing music on my cello from listening to others. I’d like to play jazz but I don’t know the language any more. If you are interested, then that’s fine too, but I don’t think any good piano players are able to understand jazz, that’s just not the case with classical and jazz. The only things classical can teach me are scales and rhythms, so I don’t know enough about them to know whether or not I have something worth learning.

This is the main instrument I think is best for me. I think that playing this will be easier in the long run than playing the cello, but I want to know what it’s like for people who can also play the cello.

My main instrument:

This is the one I’ve chosen. This isn’t that I like the other instruments and I think that the cello is still a good choice too.

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