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In order to be in line with new technology and its latest features, they need to be able to adapt a new piano’s shape or dimensions without worrying about the consequences of their decisions. It can make a piano feel different to the way it is, and that can be bad when the piano is already unique. When designing the new Piano with ESSOS, we set out to take our vision for the ESSOS Piano back to the piano’s roots — its first iteration.
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ELECOS piano prototypes

Our original design concept called for a piano and a piano keyboard to share a piano cabinet. The ESSOS Piano would utilize an asymmetrical design that would allow the piano to be fully automated, allowing the user to play a piano without a keyboard. Our initial concepts, shown in our video, were very simple and included a keyboard, piano, and sound module. The piano cabinet would be an open space that will be part of the piano and provide the keyboard. This space would have a separate compartment on the left side, for the piano and the sound module, and another compartment on the right side called the ‘backboard.’ The piano and sound module will be able to connect through the system’s own software to a remote keyboard and microphone. The piano keyboard may be connected through the user’s laptop, so it could support some kind of MIDI functionality. This would allow other software, such as a video editor or another piece of software, to be connected to a piano with ease. The sound module would allow the piano to play sounds, much like an acoustic piano. This would allow musicians who are deaf and hard of hearing to play through the piano at full volume. It would also allow non-blind people who do not need to see the keyboard to interact with it easily.

In 2012, we came out with our demo to showcase our concept. After the demo was well received, we received feedback from a number of people who wanted something that was more affordable due to its affordable price point. After working very closely with leading piano manufacturers, ESSOS was able to develop the Piano with ESSOS, using a more affordable and versatile form factor. We have gone back to our roots with the ESSOS and continue to iterate on the Piano with ESSOS’s new design. We have a small team, but we will continue to support ourselves and our partners in all facets of the development of the Piano with ESSOS.

ESSOS piano prototypes

“The Piano with ESS

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