What is the hardest instrument to play?

My hard to play: drumkit is hard. But it’s not as hard as any other instrument. It’s more like a very heavy guitar… like an old school heavy-hitting heavy guitar.

Was you a drummer when you were a kid?

No! When I was young I used to play drums in my family’s band.

And what about singing?

Yes, I was in that band, as a singer. But this was way before recording studios came.

What were your musical ambitions?

To be a music composer before I started to try to make something in music. My music composition came much quicker than composing songs for the band. But after that I would try to work for other bands, and compose songs for the films, music for videos, movies, and also for the albums. But it’s the film and video music that has always been in my mind.

Do your friends all know each other?

No. We’re friends from the beginning, with a family together so that’s the only reason. I think this is why no one likes them more than me.

If it wasn’t for the band?

If it weren’t for the bands? Of course we wouldn’t know each other.

Tell us about your experience of working with The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

First of all it’s a really awesome experience to be working in a group. Because as a single guy with very limited options, you know, and the band is a great one with great fans. It’s great.

Your new album, Relapse Of Faith, is out November 25. How about some music?

I’m working on it, on it. They have the best album out. I would like to work with them again.

Tell us how was the first time you met Kiko Loureiro. Was it because of them or because of you?

It’s good. I was with my band, I was also in the band together with them, and at that time I was in the band with them and Kiko, and it was amazing. But at the time it was a very small band that had a lot more songs than myself and also that Kiko Loureiro from a girl band. My band and Kiko Loureiro together are two really big songs, and at the time it was just so amazing to see both of those in one band together in one place, as