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Kelvin: For those who have any experience in playing music, piano sounds like a keyboard. That’s probably because the human body has very little control over the sound it makes. I get to play around with the pitch, and the instrument and the human body are not quite there. It’s quite a different experience.

Is it the closest of instruments to your own voice?

Kelvin: I think it’s the closest in quality. Piano just sounds amazing when you play on it. To be able to feel my fingers and my breath and to be able to hear and feel how that instrument sounds, it’s incredible. I think piano takes me back to being a kid. When I was growing up and hearing what the instruments of the day sounded like, I couldn’t relate to it. The instrument is always there, but I can’t really play it well, and piano just doesn’t do it for me as much as it does for most people. I remember having a teacher that used to say, “You can’t even use a piano,” because it wasn’t good enough to be good, it was just there in a way. It’s amazing to be able to feel the music in a way that most people can’t.

Does playing on the piano still feel that way?

Kelvin: I’m not sure! I can see that music doesn’t sound as good, and I can hear it. I don’t think I’m being completely realistic. I want people to understand that it’s still great and I don’t go out of my way to make it sound weird. I’m not going to say “this isn’t good,” because, hey, it is. It does sound that way.

Are we getting some of your voice back or is that not the case?

Kelvin: It’s not all that. What I’m doing with the instruments is I’m playing a lot of chords and I’m not playing an arpeggio. It’s all just chords, but I’m playing the chords that feel right. I’m not trying to sound like a rocker. It just sounds good for me, because there are some very heavy chords you can hold onto and use very powerfully to get a feeling out of you or put a sense of space and melody into the song.
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How much do you hear what people are saying and do you read what they’re saying about the album and the process?

Kelvin: I read

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