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You can learn all the instruments you need, but I would avoid learning new instruments for awhile. You don’t need them to be proficient with them, but you just need to be able to play them and know how to use them.

I’ve never used any of the musical instruments I mentioned above. Where do I start?

The FBI took over the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

While the investigation was ongoing, President Obama ordered a review of a decision not to prosecute Clinton for her emails. On July 2, 2016, the FBI said they are finished reviewing 55,000-odd emails from Hillary Clinton’s personal server for evidence, and they are not close to completing the review, which has already been underway for one year.

However, FBI Director James Comey will be back before Congress later on in the year to give the committee of senior lawmakers a new round of “briefings” related to the email investigation.

What should Clinton fans do if she is indicted?

In an interview on Thursday evening with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Clinton’s top aides were asked about whether Clinton would testify under oath that she deleted all classified information on her email server when leaving office.

The email controversy still isn’t settled and Clinton has said she believes the case is closed because her server was never breached.

“Well, there’s the classified emails, which, by the way, nobody has asked me to comment on or looked at. I’m happy to say what I’ve stated publicly that I have,” Clinton told Matthews. However, she’s been forced to take the stand before congressional committees to give a deposition from her exclusive server, as she won’t be testifying under oath.

As of Monday night, the number of people involved in the email investigation reached over 2,000 FBI agents, prosecutors, officials from the Justice Department, and representatives from the intelligence community. FBI Director James Comey will be present at the upcoming congressional hearings to give a full assessment of the Clinton email case.

What about the FBI’s conclusions about her “intent” or “reckless conduct”?

Clinton herself has repeatedly stated she did not know “which, if any, of the additional classified information was classified when she sent or received it.”

However, former Secretary of State Colin Powell told the U.N. Security Council meeting two months ago: “I did convey, before I left, to my attorneys, that I have not used my personal email to send or receive any

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