Which instrument should I learn first? – Learn Piano Keys Chords Stickers For Kids

For now, learning guitar first is best because, in general, it is the only instrument for which the guitar itself can be played easily, efficiently, and without problems on a stringed instrument, including acoustic guitars, basses, and ukuleles.

However, it can also be best to get in touch with a professional guitar teacher or musician, who can help you to find a path to learning the instrument of your choice.

Here are some tips for selecting the best instrument:

Don’t pick simply for its looks or its sounds. What matters is its playability

If you’re a beginner or can’t play guitar well on any kind of guitar, and want to use it to practice on, the acoustic guitar may be the most suitable of the family.

However, if you don’t have the time to study all the songs, basses, and ukes, and have a hard time concentrating if your playing falls short of what you learn in lesson, the guitar may be the best choice, for instance playing bass and lead, on the way to better skills in acoustic guitar.

Look at many aspects of the instrument first and compare it to what you already know from classical music.

When choosing a learning instrument, look at the price and its durability, and try to pick something you can play comfortably on.

Learn guitar from a classical guitar teacher

Many beginners in the United States have already been taught classical guitar from an adult, but it’s not always easy to find one to teach the sport by phone or Skype.

If you know someone who has mastered classical guitar, they can teach you, and you’ll receive all the benefits a teacher can offer, plus a whole new set of tools and strategies for learning to play guitar.

To find one who’s a good teacher and a good fit for your learning and playing preferences, please check our classical guitar teacher reviews.

It’s important to note that many beginner guitar teachers have been trained both as classical guitarists, guitarists, and teachers. There is a large variety of techniques and strategies they use to teach classical music and guitar, so it’s possible you’ll find great results from any teacher.

Find out who your teacher is and find them on Amazon, YouTube, and other online resources

If you’ve found your teacher via one of the aforementioned channels, try to find an independent one to work with. This will allow you to be more flexible with your learning and play

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